Dumpster Rental Services in Oberlin, OH

A dumpster rental service can make the disposal of any waste more convenient. Whether you’re looking to dispose of your residential or commercial debris, at Makeaway Dumpster Rental, we have affordable dumpsters for all your needs.

What Type of Dumpster Services Are Available in Oberlin, OH?

We understand how intimidating it can be to clear out waste after a commercial project or residential remodeling. That’s why we offer affordable disposal solutions to help you safely manage your debris. Everything from shingles and leftover wooden parts to yard debris and home appliances can be disposed of in our dumpsters.

Residential Dumpster Rental Services

If you’re planning to renovate your roof or interiors, renting our dumpsters can help you quickly get rid of the old and worn-out furniture, dirt, flooring, countertops, cabinets, kitchen appliances and other large items. According to the size of your remodeling project, you can choose a dumpster ranging from 20 cubic yards, recommended for renovating one or two rooms, to 30 cubic yards or more for remodeling a kitchen or several rooms.

Construction Dumpster Rental Services

A construction project usually leaves a big pile-up of unnecessary items and waste at the end. With our dumpsters, you can conveniently dispose of debris such as bricks, concrete, asphalt, shingles, lumber, drywall, siding and other general construction materials. Using roll-off dumpsters for clearing heavy debris makes it easier for workers to load and unload.

Dumpster Rental Costs

We offer some of the most affordable dumpster rentals across Ohio. Our prices depend on the size in cubic yards and are inclusive of the landfill fees, pickup costs and drop-off charges of the container.

These prices may vary by location, though, so get in touch with us for an accurate quote. The smallest dumpster we offer is 11 cubic yards, at $290 for seven days. It’s suitable for smaller projects, such as single-room remodels, or for deep cleaning the attic, basement or a small house.

We have medium-sized 15 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters, which cost $325 and $375 per week. For bigger renovation projects and construction debris, we recommend using our larger solutions, sized at 25 cubic yards and priced at $450. We also offer a 30 cubic yard dumpster, which consists of two 15 cubic yard dumpsters, and a 40 cubic yard dumpster, which consists of two 20 cubic yard dumpsters, delivered one at a time. These are priced at $550 and $650. If you wish to keep any of them for more than seven days, an additional daily fee of $10 applies.

How To Get Started With Our Dumpster Rental Services

We make dumpster rentals easy and affordable for residents of Ohio. Contact us and, tell us about your disposal needs, and we’ll schedule an appropriate drop-off time and location for the dumpster. Contact us today to get a free estimate of dumpster rentals in Oberlin, and feel free to clear up any dumpster rental questions with us.