Dumpster Rental Services in Milan, OH

Makeaway Dumpster Rental Inc. provides affordable roll-off dumpsters in various sizes to accommodate small and large-scale cleanup projects. Rentals are available for residential and commercial customers, and containers are dropped off and picked up at the client’s convenience. Our dumpsters are the solution for all garbage removal needs, from clearing out unwanted household items to removing construction site debris. 

What Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

Listed below are general prices and sizes for our dumpster rental services; however, we recommend calling us for a custom quote for our site in Milan, OH, because prices may vary by location. The prices below are for 7-day rentals. 

We offer several size options for our customers’ garbage disposal needs, including:

11-cubic-yard dumpster: $275 

Our 11-cubic-yard dumpsters are approximately 12 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 43 inches deep. These work well for small home improvement projects like basement and garage cleanups. 

15-cubic-yard dumpster: $300

Our 15-cubic-yard dumpsters are approximately 12 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 62 inches deep. In addition to minor cleanup needs, this options is suitable for weed, branch, and shrub removal.

20-cubic-yard dumpster: $350

Our 20-cubic-yard dumpsters are approximately 12 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 76 inches deep. These are large enough for single-room remodels and items like leftover flooring or window debris. 

25-cubic-yard dumpster: $400

Our 25-cubic-yard dumpsters are approximately 16 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. Our 25-cubic-yard dumpsters can accommodate garbage from small home projects. 

30-cubic-yard dumpster: $550

Our 30-cubic-yard dumpsters include two 15-cubic-yard units that we deliver individually. This is a good option for large-scale remodels such as kitchen renovations that involve cabinet, countertop, and appliance removal. 

40-cubic-yard dumpster: $650

Our 40-cubic-yard dumpsters include two 20-cubic-yard units that we deliver one at a time. We recommend using a 40-cubic-yard dumpster for demolitions and general construction site cleanup. 

Materials Allowed for Rental Dumpster Disposal

We can only accept certain materials in our dumpsters. They include:

  1. Countertops and cabinets
  2. Recyclable waste paper
  3. Tubs, toilets, and sinks
  4. Furniture
  5. Scrap metal
  6. Shingles
  7. Household trash  

We cannot dispose of certain items like tires, chemicals, and paint. We suggest contacting us in advance to inquire about items for disposal that are questionable.

How to Get Started With Our Dumpster Rental Services

Makeaway Dumpster Rental Inc. in Milan, OH, is available seven days a week to offer complimentary quotes, answer dumpster rental questions, and assist customers with beginning dumpster rental services. Contact us today for a free estimate.