Dumpster Rental Services in Litchfield, Ohio

If you’re planning a construction project or need to clean your property, renting a dumpster can be a great way to make your project cleanup much easier. Makeaway specializes in providing affordable dumpsters to customers across the entire northern Ohio area. Our services can help expedite your home and construction projects, no matter what type of debris and junk you need to dispose of.

What Dumpster Services Are Offered by Makeaway in Litchfield, Ohio?

Makeaway offers dumpster rental services for our customers in the Litchfield area. You can choose from a variety of dumpster types, depending on your needs, and we’ll deliver your dumpster straight to your home or property. Our dumpster rentals have a 7-day minimum, and you can keep the dumpster for up to 10 days. After you’re done with your dumpster, we’ll haul it away for you — no need to go to the dump yourself.

We offer a variety of dumpster types for different projects. Roll-off dumpsters are rectangular dumpsters that attach to trucks, making them perfect for quick projects. Yard dumpsters and construction dumpsters are a more traditional square shape and come in a variety of different sizes. These dumpsters are great for yard cleaning, home remodeling or large-scale construction or demolition projects.

What Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

The rental cost of our dumpsters depends on the size you need for your project as well as how long you need to keep the dumpster. Here’s a breakdown of the sizes we offer and what you can expect to pay for each:

  • 11-Cubic-yard dumpster: This is our smallest option, ideal for light home cleaning and junk removal or a small construction project. This costs $290 for a 7-day rental.

  • 20-Cubic-yard dumpster: A 7-day rental of this size costs $375. This is a medium-size dumpster, making it ideal for larger home projects, such as roof replacement or landscaping.
  • 40-Cubic-yard dumpster: Our largest dumpster costs $650 for 7 days. This size is only necessary for customers doing large-scale construction projects or demolitions.

If you need your dumpster for longer than 7 days, we charge $10 per extra day up to 10 days.

How to Get Started With Our Dumpster Rental Services

If you’re interested in renting a dumpster, contact us at (440) 714-4579, or fill out our online contact form. We can provide a free estimate for your situation and answer any questions you might have about our services.

Why Makeaway Dumpster Rental Is the Best Company for You

At Makeaway, we offer convenient and affordable dumpster rental services to our customers across the northern Ohio area. Our flexible services allow you to complete your projects on your own time, without having to worry about taking your debris to the dump on your own.

How To Get Started With Our Dumpster Rental Services

Makeaway Dumpster Rental Inc. makes dumpster rentals easy and affordable for residents of Ohio. Contact us and, tell us about your disposal needs, and we’ll schedule an appropriate drop-off time and location for the dumpster. Contact us today to get a free estimate of dumpster rentals, and feel free to clear up any dumpster rental questions with us.