Dumpster Rental Services in Huron, OH

When you need to clear trash and debris from a site promptly, dumpster rentals in Huron, OH, are a great way to get rid of excess items. Whether it’s at the start of a project or the end of it, we can provide a seven-day rental in Huron and pick up the dumpster once it’s full. Following are just a few of the services we offer.

What Kind of Dumpster Services Does Makeaway in Huron, OH, Offer?

No matter what your project needs are for a dumpster, we’re here to serve them. Options for renting a dumpster include the following:

Residential Dumpster Rental Services

If you’ve ever cleared out your basement, you probably have an idea of just how much trash, debris and bulky household items can come out of one area. A person produces about four pounds of trash a day, so you can imagine how much trash can pile up in places that aren’t cleaned often. When you need to get rid of household trash, used materials or debris from wear and tear in the home, renting a dumpster is a great solution. In many cases, you can get rid of old items at no extra cost beyond the dumpster rental charge. However, there is an additional $30 fee to dispose of coolant from a refrigerator, as well as a fee for removal of old tires.

Construction Dumpster Rental Services

Building construction includes many small elements that can lead to a major buildup of trash and debris as the structure comes down. If you’re in the midst of a renovation project, we can help make the process easier, allowing you to discard materials as they come apart and prevent them from cluttering the space you need to complete the job. Renting a dumpster allows you to dispose as you go.

Roofing Dumpster Rental Services

When your roof needs to be replaced, a dumpster can help you get rid of all the old layers and shingles. Whether it’s a simple renovation or a full roof reconstruction, you’ll need a dumpster to toss all the old roofing materials.

What Does It Cost To Rent a Dumpster?

Your rental cost will depend on multiple factors, such as location, the weight of the items and the dumpster’s size.

Here are approximate weekly prices for various dumpster sizes:

  • $275 for an 11 cubic yard dumpster
  • $300 for a 15 cubic yard dumpster
  • $350 for a 20 cubic yard dumpster
  • $400 for a 25 cubic yard dumpster
  • $550 for a 30 cubic yard dumpster
  • $650 for a 40 cubic yard dumpster

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